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258 Lucky Cats Paired with Equally Lucky Families

Massive adoption event in Florida culminates in happy new homes, lives

Update: As October eased toward November, the last of the cats rescued from a Florida hoarder found placement. Thanks to many animal protection groups stepping up, inspired by Michelle Cascio at The HSUS, all of the nearly 700 cats have gone to homes or other communities where they will find homes. Read more in Wayne Pacelle's blog.


Two-hundred-fifty-eight very lucky cats went home with their new best friends after a massive cat adoption event Aug. 26-28 in Gainesville, Fla. All the cats have benefitted from good eats and vet care since their rescue from a hoarder in June and are about to see their lives get even better with families who understand what they have been through.

From an HSUS staffer/event volunteer, "One kitty named Wooble-Wobbles had a bad neurological disorder, and his people drove in from out of state for the adoption. Tons of beautiful cats with A++ personalities were adopted, too. HSUS and partners totally rocked it." 

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