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Animals Face Floods in the East, Wildfires in Texas

Updates from our Animal Rescue Team

  • Doris Day Horse Rescue and Adoption Center staff moved horses into a central arena. Ben Callison/The HSUS

  • Staff plowed a 60-foot firebreak around the entire 1,250 acres of the sanctuary. Ben Callison/The HSUS

  • In Pennsylvania, many individuals and groups, including The HSUS, pitched in with donations of food and water. Sarah Speed/The HSUS

HSUS continues to work with local agencies and act as a resource for communities with significant animal needs due to flooding in the northeast and wildfires in Texas.


The HSUS continues to work with local agencies and organizations to help animals impacted by the wildfires in Bastrop. The wildfires in the county are 60 percent contained, and many residents are returning home. Hundreds of animals, many with burns, are being rescued from abandoned homes and elsewhere.

The HSUS provided medical supplies and is assisting the Austin Humane Society, one of the lead agencies designated to assist affected animals. We are helping to reach out to area residents, reunite animals with their families, and gather information.

Please help the animals threatened by disasters.


Pennsylvania faced massive flooding over the weekend, with an estimated 220,000 people under mandatory evacuations. The Pennsylvania State Animal Response Team and their County Animal Response Teams set up temporary animal shelters in conjunction with human shelters in every affected community. The HSUS helped coordinate a load of supplies from PetSmart Charities to Luzerne County, where six temporary animal shelters were open.

On Friday evening a "boil water" order was ordered for Dauphin County, which was bad news for the 800-some animals sheltered at the Humane Society of the Harrisburg Area. With no potable water on hand, the HSHA reached out to HSUS, PASART, and the public for help. Within hours, donations of dog and cat food and water began to pour in, but the animals were going to need a larger solution to the water problem. Thanks to the PASART, the Enola Fire Department, and The HSUS, a water tanker truck holding 5,000 gallons of water was relocated to the HSHA parking lot for the remainder of the boil order.

New Jersey

The HSUS and the APSCA pledged $5,000 to the Rivers Edge Horse Rescue to provide much-needed hay for the 32 horses on the property. In response to the most recent flooding, The HSUS reached out to all Offices of Emergency Management in the flooded areas to offer assistance. For example, we are helping a displaced family with 12 cats so they have somewhere to go with their pets.

Please make a donation today to help us help animals.


The Central Vermont Humane Society secured another large donation of food from Freekibble to distribute to the Vermont Food pantry state-wide.


HSUS staff spoke with animal control agencies in Harford and Howard counties, where there was significant flooding. We offered our assistance, and things seem to be going well with local resources.


Following flooding in Virginia, nearly one million people lost power. There are still some people without power—including new ones thanks to the latest tropical storm. The HSUS was involved on all calls with Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster to follow recovery efforts and offer assistance.

New York

The Binghamton Humane Society had to evacuate its shelter and temporarily suspend its operations because of flooding issues, but all the animals have been relocated and are safe now.

After being flooded during Hurricane Irene, the Ulster County SPCA resumed operations this past Saturday.

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