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After Hurricane Irene: Day 5

Our latest reports from the field

Animal Rescue Team Field Notes

Get up-to-the-minute pet information in the wake of Tropical Storm Irene on our Twitter pageUse #Irenepets hashtag for the latest. | Donate to help animals affected by Irene


UPDATED Sept. 1, 8:50 a.m. EDT

VIDEO: Animal Rescue Team brings pets to safety in North Carolina:

UPDATED Sept. 1, 8:19 a.m. EDT

The HSUS is operating two emergency shelters for animals in areas severely impacted by Hurricane Irene: We are serving people evacuated in a Red Cross pet-friendly shelter in Wilmington, Vermont, providing pet supplies and medical care such as vaccinations. In Pamlico County, N.C., we are going door-to-door to check on people and animals, to distribute flyers about our toll-free number and emergency shelter services, and to offer pet food and water.


Pamlico County, N.C. residents: We are there to help! Call 877-822-3343 for temporary shelter for your pets.

We have taken in dozens of animals from field rescues and from residents in need, and we continue to respond to rescue requests from local agencies and from evacuated people who need help with their pets.

  • Stephanie Kathan of Wilmington with her pit bull Trinity at the Red Cross' temporary shelter in Wilmington, Vermont. Ben Sarle

  • Dr. Sara White performs surgery to neuter a cat at The HSUS's temporary shelter in West Halifax, Vermont. Ben Sarle

  • Dozens of lab puppies rescued from a puppy mill are housed at The HSUS's temporary shelter in West Halifax, Vermont. Ben Sarle

Latest news from Vermont

Regarding the parrot Cashew at our Vermont shelter, we were told that her owner, Charles Green, found temporary housing, so he will take his parrot with him. We will continue to take care of his three cats in the meantime, and our vet neutered one of his cats yesterday.

Also, a pet rat has been reunited with her owners. A Vermont volunteer made contact with her owner, who was staying at the shelter yesterday. We provided vaccinations and flea treatment for her cat, and are also providing food and bowls, since they lost everything. Her boyfriend had to swim to rescue the cat, and rescue workers found the rat in the cage and returned it to them at the emergency shelter.

From North Carolina

The Animal Rescue Team took in 16 animals at the shelter yesterday—12 dogs and four cats—from field rescues. Our staged rig offering pet food and water brought people from all over the county. We will stage again tomorrow with more food and water for distribution.

Our door-to-door canvassing was rewarding. We met more people and heard their stories, including the amazing story of a 29-year-old horse who survived the storm in his barn, where the water level rose to 54 inches. The community is very tight-knit, with a mix of long-term, permanent residents and those with retirement or vacation properties. In Lowland, most people have lost everything due to the flooding. The cleanup effort is intensive.

We will continue field efforts tomorrow with flier distribution and community outreach.

UPDATED Sept. 1, 2:15 p.m. EDT. From our magazine assistant managing editor, Michael Sharp, on the ground in North Carolina:

Members of the HSUS Animal Rescue Team began Wednesday parked on an empty cul-de-sac at Fulford Point, a northern tip of North Carolina’s Pamlico County, close to where Goose Creek meets the Pamlico River.

There, they stopped to assemble dog and cat crates, before slowly working their way south through some of the harder-hit areas of this coastal county—knocking on doors, asking if residents needed food or fresh water for their animals, and leaving fliers about The HSUS’s free hurricane relief pet shelter. Read the rest of the story, and see the photos»


Want to Help? Text LOVE to 20222 to donate $10 to support our Disaster Relief Fund as we work to help pets affected by Hurricane Irene.


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