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Emergency Pet Shelter Opens in Tornado-Ravaged Laurel County, Ky.

Animal Rescue Team caring for dogs, cats

  • The Animal Rescue Team is awaiting the vet's report on this rescued cocker spaniel. The HSUS

  • Our emergency pet shelter opened today for animals displaced by the tornadoes in Laurel County, Ky. The HSUS

  • The devastation in Morgan County, Ky., has The HSUS helping animals there as well. The HSUS

The HSUS's Animal Rescue Team continues helping animals cast adrift by the damaging—and deadly—tornadoes that recently blasted several counties in Kentucky.

HSUS field responder Rowdy Shaw sent these updates from that state.

Laurel County

A PetSmart Charities truck pulled in with the sheltering equipment we needed to house and care for pets in Laurel County. Six disaster responders also arrived and to set up the emergency shelter.

Thanks to the generosity of PetSmart Charities, the Animal Rescue Team, and Fur Ever Friends, the pet shelter is now fully equipped, staffed, and open.

We are glad to be able to help more animals now, but we are also watching the weather because of potential flash flooding.

Our team rescued three dogs from a demolished home and took them to a vet's office to treat their injuries. We are still waiting for an update from the vet on the condition of the cocker spaniel pictured above.

We heard some uplifting news about Duchess, the shepherd mix rescued after days trapped in rubble. Her veterinarian reports that she attempted to get up using her front legs and was briefly able to wag her tail.

Morgan County

We drove for nearly three hours through winding mountain roads and a horrible rainstorm to assess the needs of devastated Morgan County and the city of West Liberty. We were disheartened to see many structures completely leveled.

I only saw one animal roaming through the debris; it was heartbreaking to think what may have happened to the rest of the town's animals.

The community showed their compassion for animals, providing pet food and volunteers to take care of them. A veterinarian is overseeing the care of found animals and the county animal shelter is intact, so we plan to help transport these animals to shelters outside the storm zone. This will leave Morgan County's animal shelter free to care for their community's displaced animals. We are hopeful that these animals will be quickly reunited with their owners.

Helping animals like Duchess

Please make a donation today to the animals suffering after disasters, cruelty, and neglect.

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