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Pets Rescued in Tornado-Torn Kentucky Find Placement

Animal Rescue Team helps animals after disasters

  • Shelter worker Michele Lago gave Speck a fond sendoff to Second Chance Animal Shelter. The HSUS

  • Bingo is headed to Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue to find a new home. The HSUS

The HSUS is winding down operations in Kentucky, and now we turn our attention to the pets affected by the recent tornadoes in Texas, while keeping a weather eye out for other events that could threaten animals.

Our Animal Rescue Team sent these updates on their work.


After running an emergency shelter in Laurel County, Ky., for more than a month, The HSUS will close the facility today.

In March, we transported 29 dogs from the Morgan County animal shelter to three Emergency Placement Partners. Kentucky Humane Society, Lexington Humane Society, and AdoptaLab rescue group took in these animals to free up room for local pets in the full-to-capacity emergency shelter.

This week, dozens of dogs and four cats who survived the storms rode with us to Pennsylvania, where more Emergency Placement Partners picked them up to find them good homes.

It takes a village

In Pittsburgh, the Animal Rescue League of Western PA accepted 10 dogs and a cat into their adoption program. The HSUS's rig then headed to Reading.

Second Chance Animal Shelter volunteers drove their van down from Massachusetts to accept some of the larger dogs, taking a total of 11 dogs and a cat. The Humane Society of the Harrisburg Area sent staff to pick up 10 canines and a cat. Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue assigned volunteers to pick up two golden retriever mixes.

Finally, the Humane Society of Berks County, Pa., graciously hosted our rig, helped transfer pets to the other EPPs, and accepted 10 pooches and the last kitty for placement.


After the recent tornadoes, The HSUS reached out to shelters in the hardest-hit areas of Texas to offer our assistance with field rescue and sheltering for displaced animals. We helped coordinate supplies for a shelter in Lancaster, Texas, and we are ready to deploy and assist in Texas as needed.

Where you live

You can be part of our rescue operations by making a donation to our Animal Rescue Team.

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