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Animal Rescue Team Provides Emergency Hay for Horses

The HSUS continues helping animals after wildfires

The HSUS's Animal Rescue Team

The HSUS continues to provide assistance to horses who have faced a severe food shortage as a result of the widespread fires in Western states. See a slideshow on our help to a Utah man whose horses faced hunger after the wildfire swept through his land, then read about our other recent activities.

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The HSUS continues to provide assistance to 200 horses at the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation in Lame Deer, Mont., who have faced a severe food shortage as a result of the Ash Creek fire.

The fire has burned 250,000 acres, greatly impacting grazing land for many months to come.

Montana State Director Wendy Hergenraeder is coordinating the delivery of approximately 38,000 more pounds of hay for the reservation, and we continue to monitor the needs of animals in Roundup, Mont. Tribal leaders told us that horse owners were crying tears of joy because their horses had not had food in almost a week.

The HSUS also went behind the fire lines at the request of tribal leaders to supply food and water for pets who could not be evacuated before the fire. 

The third heat wave of the summer took a toll on hundreds of animals in New Jersey when an animal shelter’s cooling system could not keep up with the 100 degree temperatures. The HSUS provided emergency funding to the Montclair shelter for temporary air conditioners until a new, permanent unit can be installed.

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Please make a donation to The HSUS's Animal Rescue Team so we can be there for animals in need.

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