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Hay for Horses Out West, Heat in the Mid-Atlantic

Helping animals during wildfires and power outages

The HSUS's Animal Rescue Team

  • Billowing smoke hints at the devastation in Montana and Utah. The HSUS is bringing tons of hay to horses stranded without food. Wendy Hergenraeder/The HSUS

The HSUS's director of disaster response Niki Dawson provided this update on our Animal Rescue Team activities on opposite sides of the country.

Tons of hay, food, and water

The Ash Creek fire in southeast Montana, which has consumed almost 200,000 acres, left 200 horses without access to food. The HSUS is en route to the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation with 35,100 pounds of hay to feed those horses. Since the fire struck, tribal members don't have adequate grazing land.

In addition to the hay donation, HSUS staff has provided food and water to many companion animals left behind during evacuations. Fourteen tons of hay was also delivered today to a horse owner in Fairview, Utah, whose grazing lands were burned by the Wood Hollow fire in Sanpete County.

Your pets deserve to be the coolest in town. Here's how to beat the heat.

Staying on top of the heat wave

A powerful storm system known as a derecho knocked out power in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., and created havoc for many residents in the area. The Washington Animal Rescue League, which has been without power since Friday night, has been struggling to keep the resident dogs and cats at their shelter comfortable.

The HSUS will provide financial assistance to WARL to cover the cost of rented generators, fuel, and box fans to cool the facility.

Help us help them

Your donation to The HSUS's Animal Rescue Team helps us be there for animals in need.

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