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Isaac Barrels Toward Gulf Coast, Leaves Haiti Awash

Plan now to weather the storm safely with your pets

The HSUS's Animal Rescue Team

  • A dog sloshes through flood water in Haiti, with the rain still falling. Logan Agassis

  • This cat was lucky enough to be out of the driving rain. HSI

As Tropical Storm Isaac threatens to become a hurricane, The Humane Society of the United States is following its course carefully. We are posting information via social media with preparedness tips for pet owners, evacuation orders, and potential temporary emergency animal sheltering sites.

It remains to be seen where the storm will land, but it appears to be bearing down on Louisiana and Mississippi—just in time for the seven-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Our team members in Mississippi are in touch with local emergency managers as well as local animal shelters to ensure these organizations have the resources they need to care for animals. As mandatory evacuations increase in low-lying areas of Louisiana, the Animal Rescue Team is on stand-by to respond to requests from our partner organizations.

What would you do if disaster struck? Plan now to keep your pets safe.

Haiti residents struggle on

As the post-storm cleanup began, Humane Society International’s team in Haiti saw many dogs searching garbage piles for their next meal. Food insecurity is all too common for both humans and animals in Haiti. In Cité Soleil, some residents eat clay patties which consist of dirt, salt, and spices.

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Before the storm hits your neighborhood

The time is now to make a plan for you and your pets and assemble supplies if you live in the path of the storm. Beyond the Gulf Coast, the approaching storm can serve as a reminder that disasters can strike anyone, anywhere, and putting together a disaster kit now will put you ahead of the game if any kind of emergency forces you from your home.

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Haiti needs your help

The need is great in Haiti right now for people and animals. Can you make a donation to HSI/Haiti to help us in our work?

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