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Animal Rescue Team Helps Animals in Miss., La. after Isaac

Provides emergency housing for animals, rescues 20 horses

The HSUS's Animal Rescue Team

  • Some parishes reported worse flooding from Isaac than from Hurricane Katrina. Frank Loftus/The HSUS

  • The HSUS's Animal Rescue Team is in the flood zone with our team and equipment, already rescuing animals. Jen Kulina/The HSUS

Our Animal Rescue Team is responding to a call from Jefferson Parish, La., and is ready to assist animals impacted by flooding.

Our emergency shelter will provide housing to animals affected by Hurricane Isaac.

A dramatic rescue of 20 horses in flood waters up to their chests in Mississippi by HSUS and McComb Animal Control Officers proved just how dangerous inland flooding has become.

We will continue to provide information via social media to our twitter followers.


If you haven't done so already, make a disaster plan for you and your pets and assemble supplies.

Please give to our Disaster Relief Fund

Jefferson Parish called in The HSUS's Animal Rescue Team to help animals, and we are on the ground and saving animals. Please make a donation now to our Disaster Relief Fund.

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