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Staten Island Dog Saved, Reunited with Owner After Hurricane Sandy

The HSUS's animal disaster relief stories

The HSUS is on the ground rescuing and sheltering animals after superstorm Sandy. This is one of many stories from our operations.

  • Bear greets an HSUS Animal Rescue Team responder, one of the people who rescued him in N.Y. after Hurricane Sandy. Lisa Godfrey for The HSUS

  • Bear's owner hugs the HSUS Animal Rescue Team responder who helped bring her animal to safety. Lisa Godfrey for The HSUS

  • Bear and his owner, reunited again. Lisa Godfrey for The HSUS

Staten Island, N.Y., suffered extensive damage after Hurricane Sandy. Friends of a distraught woman who left her pets behind when she had to evacuate called the NYC pet rescue hotline (347-573-1561) for help with the resident's animals. When The HSUS Animal Rescue Team arrived at the severely damaged and flooded home, they were greeted on the porch by an 80-pound, barking, seemingly very frightened dog.   

About 12 police officers and firefighters were also on the scene to respond to a potential gas leak at the house, but the dog, Bear appeared to be aggressive and was impeding their response.

Rescuers worked with NYPD and FDNY to retrieve Bear, who almost immediately softened once in the vehicle. He seemed to be relieved to be back with people again. We returned him to his owner, who, though she'd already endured so much, was smiling to see her Bear again. See more photos and the full story on Bloomberg.com.

Animal Care & Control of New York City, a partner on the NYC Office of Emergency Management’s Animal Planning Task Force; the NYPD; and the FDNY were essential to this rescue and reunion.


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