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Bonnie the Cat Reunited with Owners after Hurricane Sandy

The HSUS's animal disaster relief stories

  • Lynn Gubernard was delighted to see her cat Bonnie again. Stephanie Twining/The HSUS

  • John Gubernard also had worried about Bonnie, and greeted her with a kiss. Stephanie Twining/The HSUS

The HSUS is on the ground rescuing and sheltering animals after superstorm Sandy. This is one of many stories from our operations.

John and Lynn Gubernard reunited with their cat, Bonnie, at The HSUS's emergency animal shelter in Ocean County, N.J., yesterday.

Officials had ordered the Gubernards to evacuate their home, but based on experience with Hurricane Irene, they only expected to be away for a couple of days. They put food and litter upstairs for the two cats, Bonnie and Clyde, and hoped for the best.

"After we weren't allowed back in our house for 10 days, I started to really worry about the cats, so we called The Humane Society of the United States, and luckily they were able to rescue Bonnie," said Lynn Gubernard.

The Gubernards know that their other cat, Clyde, can be very shy around strangers, so they suspected he was still hiding in their house. Rescuers went back later and found Clyde and he, too, was reunited with his family.

Based on photos taken by authorities, they don’t think there is much damage to their home, but they are not able to return yet. They do have Bonnie and Clyde wiith them where they are staying.



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