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Reunion with Cat after Hurricane Sandy Prompts Happy Tears

The HSUS's animal disaster relief stories

  • The HSUS's Hetti Brown handed Fluffy to Jazmyn after days of separation. Stephanie Twining/The HSUS

  • Jazmyn's mother cried tears of relief at seeing her cat safe. Stephanie Twining/The HSUS

The HSUS is on the ground rescuing and sheltering animals after superstorm Sandy. This is one of many stories from our operations.

Kayla Patterson and her daughter, Jazmyn, were evacuated from their Lavallette, N.J., home so suddenly that they had to leave their cat, Fluffy, behind. When she realized that she wouldn't be allowed to return to her home, Kayla began to panic.

"I felt terrible that I had left her behind," Kayla said.

The HSUS and other responding agencies discovered Fluffy safe at an animal shelter.

"Kayla and Jazmyn were so worried," said The HSUS's Hetti Brown. "Reuniting this family was such a heartwarming moment."

See NBC Nightly News' video on Hurricane Sandy pet reunions.

When Fluffy was placed back into her owner's arms, Kayla broke down in tears and Jazmyn squealed with delight. "I'm just so happy that she is safe and healthy, and that we can take her home," said Kayla Patterson.

The family—including Fluffy—will stay with friends until they get back on their feet.



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