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HSUS Rescuers Wade through Four Feet of Sand to Save 57 Animals Abandoned after Hurricane Sandy

The HSUS's animal disaster relief stories

  • The hoarder's abandoned apartment held 23 caged birds and many other animals. Yana Paskova for The HSUS

  • Beside the animals, rescuers found at least 40 guns in the small apartment. Yana Paskova for The HSUS

  • These turtles were alive, but two tanks held fish and eels who had already died. Yana Paskova for The HSUS

  • Rescuers took all the animals to Hempstead Animal Control for food, water, and vet care. Yana Paskova for The HSUS

The HSUS is on the ground rescuing and sheltering animals after superstorm Sandy. This is one of many stories from our operations.

The HSUS's Animal Rescue team braved four feet of sand on the roads—washed in with the flood waters—to visit an address in Hempstead Township, N.Y.

Officials opened the door to a putrid smell and 57 animals crammed into a one-bedroom apartment.

They counted 23 caged birds, 18 cats, 17 turtles, and assorted gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, and ferrets. Two tanks contained fish and eels who had died when the power went out, stopping circulation in their tanks.

"It was a hoarding situation, and we knew we had to get those animals out of there as soon as we could," said Rowdy Shaw, senior field responder for The HSUS's Animal Rescue Team.

The animals are now receiving food, water, and veterinary care at Hempstead Animal Control.



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