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Pet Owners Glad to Find Their Pets after Hurricane Sandy

The HSUS's animal disaster relief stories

  • Richard Miranda was happy to see his dogs, including Tippy the beagle, at the Ocean County, N.J., shelter. Lisa J. Godfrey for The HSUS

  • Skylar the cat was happy to see his family again, too. Lisa J. Godfrey for The HSUS

  • The Dempsey family was rescued by boat when the waters rose. The Dempseys will visit their canine companions at the shelter until they find a place to live. Lisa J. Godfrey for The HSUS

  • "I'm very relieved to have found them,” Nick Connors said about his parakeets, Kobalt and Bumblebee. Lisa J. Godfrey for The HSUS

  • "I was jumping up and down when I found out they were rescued," said one cat owner. "It's awesome to have them back." Lisa J. Godfrey for The HSUS

  • Dianne Dyck met up with Pepe again at the Ocean County shelter. "I was really heartbroken," she said. Lisa J. Godfrey for The HSUS

  • Debbie Nutt was reunited with her kitten Gizmo at the temporary shelter in Ocean County. Lisa J. Godfrey for The HSUS

Immediately following "superstorm" Hurricane Sandy, The HSUS rescued more than 250 animals from devastated communities in New York and New Jersey. We are now caring for more than 480 pets in our emergency shelters. The photos on the left illustrate a few of the stories from the shelters.

Nick Connors described his dilemma with his two parakeets when Hurricane Sandy hit.

"When the waters got high enough, I realized I needed to get out, but I couldn't take them with me because there was no way for me to walk with them in the storm," Connors said. "So I got my house as hot as I could, covered them, and left." He then called our animal rescue hotline and one of the HSUS teams rescued the birds. Birds and owner were reunited at the Ocean County shelter.

His was just one of many happy meetings between pets and pet parents at the shelter.

When Dianne Dyck fled the storm to the temporary human/animal shelter at Toms River North High School, she took her her Shih-tzu/Pomeranian mix, Pepe, with her, but she was separated from Pepe when the shelter closed.

"They didn't tell me how long it was going to be before I saw him again. I was really heartbroken," she said. "I was so sad."

Pepe received care at the shelter in Ocean County, where he was finally reunited with his owner.

The HSUS is working with partner groups to provide food, water, interaction, and veterinary attention for the pets separated from their families because of Hurricane Sandy.

Responding to the needs of animals after Hurricane Sandy was a collaborative effort among dozens of national and local organizations. As communities in New Jersey and New York move into a long-term sheltering and recovery phase, please remember and support the entire network of those working on behalf of animals.



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