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Parakeets Rescued, Reunited with N.J. Resident after Hurricane Sandy

The HSUS's animal disaster relief stories

  • N.J. resident Nick Connors reunites with pet parakeets Kobalt and Bumblebee after Hurricane Sandy. Lisa J. Godfrey for The HSUS

  • Connors tried to weather the storm from home but had to leave when the waters got too high. He asked The HSUS to rescue his birds and was relieved to be with them again. Lisa J. Godfrey for The HSUS

Immediately following "superstorm" Hurricane Sandy, The HSUS rescued more than 250 animals from devastated communities in New York and New Jersey. We are now caring for more than 450 pets in our emergency shelters and reuniting pets with their owners. This is one of many stories from our operations.

N.J. resident Nick Connors tried to weather Hurricane Sandy at his home with his two parakeets. But when the water got too high, he realized he had to get out. He didn't think he could take his birds, Kobalt and Bumblebee, with him. He tried to make them as comfortable as possible and left.

Later, he called The HSUS's pet hotline and asked for help with his pets. Rescuers retrieved them, and they and Connors were reunited over the weekend. "I'm very relieved to have found them," Connors says.

Watch NBC Nightly News' video on Hurricane Sandy pet reunions.

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