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All Animals Table of Contents

November/December 2009

All Animals magazine

All Animals Nov Dec 09 Cover


President's Note




  • Right Whales' Last Chance
  • Voted Off the Island
  • Coyote Cruelty Shutdown
  • Rescued Dog Repays the Favor 
  • Ex-Matador Fights for Bulls
  • Answering the Call for Help
  • Action for Animals



  • Maryland Senator Jamie Raskin Upholds the Veg Pledge




Humane Living


Your Pet


Celebrating Animals

Your Best Shot


A Mission of Hope and Healing

An HSUS program leads volunteers and students on a quest to provide free vet care to Indian reservations. 

Where the Wild Things Are

Readers share their stories of wondrous backyard encounters.

Coming Home to Roost

Chickens are charming companions, but like other pets, they require care and affection.

War On Wolves

Though they've rebounded since being hunted nearly to extinction, America's gray wolves are still dangerously close to being wiped off the map.