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Fancy Digs for Ferals

Blueprints for a custom-designed feral cat condo

Web extra, All Animals magazine, July/August 2010

They may never be lap loungers, but feral cats can still revel in the lap of luxury—especially if they’re lucky enough to enjoy a double-insulated condo complete with window, perch, and heating mats.

With help from her handyman dad, The HSUS’s Betsy McFarland built just such a condo after she began caring for a colony of feral felines near her Maryland home. Soon after, Bacon Group, an architectural firm that specializes in animal shelter design, prepared a blueprint based on McFarland’s model.

If you’re caring for feral cats, be sure you implement a managed trap-neuter-return program that will stop the cycle of breeding. Then take the next step and provide them with a custom condo that you and the kitties will be proud of. (If you don’t have the time or construction skills to attempt the condo, never fear: a simple shelter  created from a 35-gallon plastic storage bin will keep the cats warm and dry.)

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