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More from "A Letter to My Dog:" Heartfelt Tributes to the Pooch-Person Bond

Colbie Caillat and Nicole Brown put their doggy devotion into words

All Animals magazine September/October 2012

  • Singer Colbie Caillat, Maté, and Plum. From A Letter to My Dog by Robin Layton

Hi Plummy!

My sweet golden girl! You make me smile more than anyone! I love how any time I pick up my shoes, car keys, purse, or a jacket, you think we are going on a road trip. I love that you’re from Taiwan, that your toy rubber ball is your favorite thing in the world, that you love to go swimming in any place where there’s water (lakes, rivers, oceans, pools, and even the Jacuzzi). I love that you try to go in the shower with anyone who is getting in one. And how you have a very polite demeanor. I love when we have your beautiful long, blond hair shaved for summer and you look like a puppy again! I love that you like to snuggle, that you wouldn’t hurt a fly, unless another dog is trying to mount you: then you turn into “Plum from the streets” and Tae Kwon Do them! And then you go back to mellow, smiling Plummy pawing at me to throw the ball for you.

I love your Jacuzzi face where your cheeks hang down and the extra skin on your face droops. I love that you don’t bark, ever. I love that when you take a drink of water, it drips from your mouth all the way across the floor to the next room. I love that when we put a leash on you, you jump up and down, grab it, and walk yourself. I love that if someone is holding a towel, you think it’s playtime and play tug-of-war with them. I love all of your nicknames (Noodle, Plumper-noodle, Noodski, Noods, Plummer); they are so much fun to say, and you come to all of them! I love that sometimes I find you staring at the wall with a smile on your face, and I wonder, “What is that girl thinking right now?” I love that you know we rescued you, and that you are grateful for the life you have now. I love that on car rides you get so excited that you rub your body back and forth on the seat, and then stick your head out the window and smile while your ears blow in the wind. When we get on the freeway and it’s too windy, instead of lying down, you just hide your face. And when I come back to the car, you have moved into the driver’s seat sitting up proper like you are gonna drive us home.

I love that you are my shadow and will follow my every move. I love that when we got Maté you were so patient with him when he tried nursing on you, sleeping with you, licking your face, and cleaning your ears. You are such a sweetheart. So patient. Thank you for being such a great friend and family member to all of us, Plummy!

I love you sooooooo much!



  • Pet care concierge Nicole Brown and Dorothy. From A Letter to My Dog by Robin Layton

Dear Dorothy (a.k.a. Little D, The Boss, Little Lady),

Even as I type the first few words of this letter to you, my eyes fill with tears. Tears of joy, that is. In the dictionary the word “perseverance” is defined as “steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.” To me, you define perseverance.

When I received the call asking for my help, that your back had been broken and you were given up by your owners, I feared there was nothing I could do for you.

However, from the moment I saw you limp and lame in that cage, you wiggled around as best you could and greeted me with so much love, zest, and passion, I knew you were a survivor.

Our journey began by fitting you with your own mini life preserver to begin warm-water therapy in my bathtub. Your drive from the moment you touched the water was intoxicating.

I still smile when I think of the first day you were fitted for your wheels and how easily you adapted to them. You haven’t looked back since. In spite of everything you’ve been through and all the pain you’ve endured, you have moved forward with grace and proven resilience.

You have taught me that although life puts roadblocks in our way, you can always go around them or wheel over them and that, although this may be challenging, you will succeed. I watch you approach everyone and anything with this drive that is so intense you are a force to be reckoned with. Most importantly, you have taught me to love big and unconditionally. To be tolerant and nonjudgmental and to accept others as they are.

Dorothy, you are the feistiest, bossiest, smartest, most lovable, cutest, funniest, most persistent, most daring, most giving, bravest little dog I have ever met and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing me to be yours. I want you to know there was no way I could have ever given you up and that one of the happiest days of my life was going from being your Foster Mom to becoming your Mommy.

You have changed my life in more ways than you know and I can’t imagine a life without you. The best part of my day is coming home after work to find you waddling your way up to the step and bouncing up and down until I pick you up in my arms for all your sweet kisses. You have touched the lives of many who have met you and most of all me. I love you, D, and all that you are, all that you stand for, and all that you give.

XO, Mom

From A Letter to My Dog by Robin Layton. © 2012. Reprinted by permission of PQ Blackwell; pqblackwell.com.

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