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Stars Align For Animals

Celebrities from film, television and music share their passion for animal advocacy.

By Tracy L. Scott

From the poaching of Cecil the lion to the cruel confinement of egg-laying chickens in battery cages, there were plenty of issues that touched the hearts and boiled the blood of animal advocates in 2015. Celebrities weren’t exempt from feeling outrage or sadness, and many used their star power to be a voice for animals. Check out some of their quotes from interviews, PSAs and open letters.

Photo by C Flanigan/Wireimage/Getty Images.

"It is appalling that trainers and owners continue to deliberately inflict pain on Tennessee walking horses to exaggerate their natural gait more than 40 years after Congress passed the Horse Protection Act to end this abuse."

Willie Nelson, on horse soring

Photo by Everett Collection/Alamy; Photo Illustration: The HSUS.

"Ninety-six elephants are killed every single day for their tusks. And last year, more than 1,000 rhinos were poached in South Africa alone out of a remaining 29,000 left in the wild worldwide. At this rate, children will only read about these magnificent animals in history books.”."

Anjelica Huston, on elephant poaching

Photo by Scott Roth/Invision/Associated Press; Photo Illustration: The HSUS.

"Even if just a small percentage of the millions of people looking to acquire pets in the next year chose to adopt, no healthy treatable cat or dog would lose his or her life.”

Lance Bass, on pet adoption

Photo by Panoramic/Zuma Press/Newscom.

"Cramming hens into cages for their entire lives constitutes cruelty to animals, and animals deserve better.””

Brad Pitt, on battery cages

Photo by Firooz Zahedi.

"Part of human civility is that we don’t condone the slaughter of our best friends. It is important that pressure has been brought to bear both outside of China and from within that country, which has reduced the number of our beloved friends who perish in this tragic event. But any continuation of this practice is sorrowful and distorts how we regard one of our most ancient cultures.”

Barbra Streisand, on China's dog meat festival

Photo by Villard/Niviere/SIPA/Associated Press.

"Video footage revealed abhorrent cruelty including rows upon rows of birds confined in filth-laden cages with the mummified corpses of their cage-mates—eating, sleeping, defecating and laying eggs on top of dead birds—and hens’ wings, legs and necks trapped in the corroded wires of their battery cages.”

Ryan Gosling, on an HSUS battery-cage investigation

Photo by Yaacov Dagan/Alamy; Photo Illustration: The HSUS.

"Around the globe tens of thousands of animals are killed in unnecessary tests for beauty products. But even now it’s easy to avoid buying cosmetics tested on animals by only buying cruelty-free products. The power lies with us and we don’t need to harm animals to be beautiful."

Kesha, on cosmetics testing

Photo by Alberto Tolot/For HBO.

"Battery cages torment animals. Physically, the animals’ muscles and bones waste away from lack of use, just as yours would if you were unable to move around for two years."

Bill Maher, on battery cages

Photo by Bret Hartman/AP Images for The HSUS.

"Horse slaughter is barbaric and the ultimate betrayal of our unique bond with these animals.”

Kaley Cuoco, on horse slaughter

Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/Associated Press; Photo Illustration: The HSUS.

"Due to urban development, we are losing wildlife habitat, leading to increased human-wildlife encounters. This often ends badly for the animals who are killed [by] inhumane methods. Thankfully, there are humane and sustainable solutions that communities can implement. Join me and support the creation of a peaceful coexistence with our wild neighbors.”

Christopher Walken, on urban wildlife

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