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Our award-winning bimonthly magazine, All Animals, is packed with information about The HSUS and the humane movement, including profiles of advocates and visionaries, tips for pet owners and wildlife watchers, heartwarming tales of rescue and rehab, advice for taking action, and more.

With each issue, we receive thanks from readers who feel inspired and informed by our magazine. Here is just a sampling.

All in the Family

As a sophomore in high school and a member of The HSUS, I have been reading All Animals for more than a year, and it never disappoints. After receiving this magazine every other month, I purposefully left it around the house, hoping my parents’ curiosity would get the better of them. Fortunately, my plan succeeded, and now both of my parents regularly read your magazine. My father recently liked your Facebook page, and my mother makes wiser decisions when thinking about dinner. My father and I also send letters urging meat producers to end the use of gestation crates, among other practices. Thanks to the brilliant work of the people at The HSUS and this magazine, we are becoming an aware, proactive family against the cruel abuse of animals.
Alexa Rutherford, Oakdale, Minnesota
Letter to the Editor, March/April 2012

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Cover to Cover

Just writing to say how much I’ve enjoyed the January/February issue of All Animals. The cover photo is just priceless. I don’t know who looks happier, Adam Parascandola or the dog. I also enjoyed the "Savory Venture" item on a new meat substitute. I’ll be watching for it at my local Whole Foods.
— Christee King, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Letter to the Editor, May/June 2012

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Exposing Cruelty

When my All Animals magazine arrives, I can’t wait to read it cover to cover, knowing that there will be articles in the magazine on all sorts of animal subjects and that at least one story, if not more, will make me cry. So it happened when I read the brief article on bulls in Spain being set on fire ("Tormented by Fire," July/August 2011) by Ruthanne Johnson. The absolute terror and agony that is caused these animals is beyond comprehension. Spain has an unfortunate history of animal abuse toward bulls, and I am so glad to see this hideous torment given publicity. Only by educating the public can we try to stop the abuse for all animals.
— Carol Genty, Langley, Washington
Letter to the Editor, Sept./Oct. 2011

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