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Created just for kids, Kind News reveals the beauty and wonder of the animals who share our world and explores the challenges they face.

Our eight-page magazine encourages youth to celebrate the human-animal bond and become active in efforts to protect animals through colorful articles, short features and fun activities. Kind News will teach students how to treat animals with kindness, the importance of proper pet care and wildlife appreciation while enforcing abstract values like compassion, citizenship and responsibility.

Kind News is published five times during the school year and is available in three reading levels: Primary Edition (grades K-2), Junior Edition (grades 3-4) and Senior Edition (grades 5-6). A classroom subscription includes 28 copies of each issue and a teacher’s guide. Kind News is also available as a single-copy home subscription.

Questions about your subscription? We're here to help. Call us toll-free at 877-902-9757.

  • Photo by Anthony Pierce/Alamy

Kind News, Oct/Nov

Find out why it's better to enjoy the original Dory in her movie Finding Dory than to buy yourself a look-alike, what happened to the baby woodchuck rescued near the Cape Wildlife Center, how kids helped a dog in need of an operation and more. Highlights from the current issue

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