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Kind News Story: Pal for Pups

Micah Staub is a protector of the animal kingdom

  • Micah Staub and Petunia, his current favorite foster dog. Whitney Curtis

  • Micah holds bulldog Max while other pets look on.  Whitney Curtis

  • Micah looks over records with his parents, Mike and Candice Staub. Whitney Curtis

  • It's always feeding time on the Staub farm.  Whitney Curtis

  • In recognition of his work, Micah was named an honorary member of the puppy mill task force. Whitney Curtis

It’s rare for a 12-year-old to become an honorary member of The HSUS Maddie’s Fund Puppy Mill Task Force. But that’s what Micah Staub of Paris, Ill., did. Micah has a soft spot in his heart for animals. Throughout his life, Micah has helped his mom and veterinarian dad care for them. He’s helped look after family pets and foster animals. He’s pitched in for potbellied pigs. He’s stepped up for rescued horses.

New Challenge

Last December, the Staubs took on a huge task. They agreed to foster 30 dogs rescued by authorities and The HSUS’s task force from an Indiana puppy mill. Like most animals kept in these large factory-style breeding facilities, the dogs had been living in very poor conditions.

Dogs in puppy mills receive little or no exercise or veterinary care. They never see a bed, treat, toy, or love from a human being.Many adult puppy mill dogs spend their entire lives in cramped, dirty cages. The females have litter after litter of puppies who are then sold at pet stores, over the Internet, or through classified ads.

Join the Cause for Paws and help stop puppy mills >>

Walking Tall

When the dogs arrived at the Staubs’ farm, Micah became the “official dog walker.” He spent his free time each day walking animals whose feet had never before touched grass.

Micah is proud of the difference his love and attention have made for the dogs. “I just like making them happy and [helping them have] fun,” he says.

For his commitment and hard work, The HSUS gave Micah a task force T-shirt, backpack, and leashes. In addition, Micah received a letter of recognition naming him as an honorary member of the task force. We bet he received a lot of tail wags and grateful kisses from the pups as well.

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