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Kind News Story: Seal of Approval

Kids dedicate three years to saving seals

  • Martin Welych-Flanagan and his friends in the Seal Savers Club sell homemade bracelets and donate the money to help end the seal hunt.

If someone asked you to choose a project to make the world a better place, what would you choose to do?

Students at a school near Syracuse, N.Y., are given that challenge each school year. Not surprisingly, they often choose to help animals. Some students at the New School have helped their local animal shelters. Others focus on protecting endangered animals. Members of the Seal Savers Club have another goal: to end the Canadian seal hunt.

Righting the Wrong

The Canadian government allows hundreds of thousands of baby seals to be killed for their fur each year. Often the laws against cruelty to seals are broken, and the hunters aren’t punished. In 2008, the Seal Savers began collecting signatures on a petition to end the hunt. They explained to countless people that the seal hunt is cruel and unnecessary and asked for their support.

Your mission: help save our seals! »

Signing Off

With three years of hard work, the kids collected 1,421 signatures! They mailed the petition to Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Canadian Sen. Mac Harb.

Impressed with what the kids had done, the senator wrote: “ I am really happy to see that you are standing up for the seals and for what you think is right. I am keeping your petition in mind so I will remember that there are strong voices speaking for the seals. ... I am going to keep working until we convince the government that it is time to listen to these voices and to stop the commercial seal hunt in our country.”

Listen up, Canada—these kids mean business!

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