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Kind News Extra: New Year's Resolutions for Animals

You can help animals in 2012!

Kind News

Do you want to help make a difference for animals this year? Here are a few things any kid can do. Ask your friends, siblings, and parents to join you! 

• Collect supplies for a local animal shelter.

• Ask your parents to have your pets spayed or neutered. Encourage friends and neighbors to get their pets spayed and neutered, too.

• Keep cats indoors and walk dogs on a leash.

• Hold a fundraiser to raise money for an animal shelter or rescue.

• Make sure pet I.D. tags are up-to-date and fastened securely to your pet’s collar.

• Ask your family and/or school cafeteria to switch to cage-free eggs.

• Encourage people to adopt pets from local shelters or rescues instead of from a pet store or online breeder.

• Have Meatless Monday at your home. Help plan and make a meat-free dinner each week.

• Complete a Mission: Humane project.

• Ask family and friends to boycott Canadian seafood until Canada ends the annual seal hunt.

• Keep a bird feeder full in winter.

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