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Kind News Story: Kids Dive In to Help Save Sharks

Sixth-graders help ban shark finning in California

  • Sharks are apex predators at the top of their food chain. Without them, the health of our oceans would suffer. Brandon Cole

In October, students at East Shore Elementary in Irvine, Calif., had a reason to celebrate. Sixth-graders in Mr. Brooks' class had spent the better part of the previous school year working to save sharks. And they succeeded!

While studying sharks, the kids learned that their state had one of the highest demands for shark fin soup outside of Asia. They also learned that most of the shark fins entering the U.S. were coming through California. To educate people about the issue, the kids created a PowerPoint presentation and a website, ilovesharks.org.

In August, the class traveled to Sacramento to lobby the California Senate to pass a bill banning shark finning. Of the seven senators they spoke with, six voted for the bill. Finally, on Oct. 7, the kids learned that Gov. Jerry Brown had signed the bill into law!

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