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Kind News reveals the beauty and wonder of the creatures who share our world while also exploring the challenges they face. Teaching kindness and respect for animals and their natural habitats, this 8-page magazine for K-6 students features profiles of amazing kids, articles about rescued animals and species in trouble, pet care tips, and how-to pieces about backyard wildlife.

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What's Happening to Honeybees?

Honeybees are dying off around the world. Learn why we need bees and what you can do to help! Be a friend to bees

  • Pet Corner

    Safe Snacking for Cats

    Growing grass for your kitties may prevent them from nibbling on poisonous plants. How to grow cat grass

  • Wild Neighbors

    Create Your Own Field Guide

    Watch, draw, and write about the wild animals you see. Get printable pages

  • To the Rescue

    The Flight of Their Lives

    Hawaiian donkeys are airlifted to a better life in California. Watch the video

  • Resource Room

    Worksheets & More

    Supplements to go with this issue of Kind News. Resources

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