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Kind News Story: Snacks for Cats

Kind News magazine for kids

  • It's easy and fun to grow a pot of grass for your kitty! Liz Bergstrom/The HSUS

Many houseplants are poisonous to pets, but many cats like to chew them. Keep cats (and plants) safe—and give kitties something fun to do—by growing their own special grass to nibble.

Buy cat grass seed at a pet supply store. Fill a heavy, shallow dish about three-quarters full with loose potting soil. Dampen the soil with a spray bottle. Sprinkle the seeds evenly over the soil. Cover them lightly with about a quarter inch more soil.

Cover the dish with plastic wrap. Place it in a warm spot in your home, but out of direct sunlight ... and out of your cat’s reach! When sprouts appear, remove the wrap and move the dish to a sunny spot. Water lightly when the soil feels dry.

When the grass is about 3 inches tall, offer it to your cat to munch on from time to time. For a steady supply, plant several dishes a week or two apart.

Did you know that common plants like lilies and holly are poisonous to cats? Learn more (and check out a video) about plants to keep away from your pets.

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