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Kind News Resource Room

Supplements to the May/June 2012 issue

Kind News magazine for kids

Kind News May/June 2012 cover


The helpful honeybee often gets a bad rap but, as this issue points out, our world wouldn’t be the same without them.

Can students name other unpopular or maligned animals? Their list may include bats, spiders, rats, snakes, skunks, wolves, coyotes, and sharks. Ask students to choose one to research and then report back to the class with at least one fascinating fact about the animal. Remind students that all animals play a role in nature and deserve respect.

Follow up the discussion by taking the class outside to observe wild creatures. Print out a field guide page for each student to fill out. Compile the completed pages into a class field guide.


Keep your students busy and expand on your class's discussion of honeybees and pollination.
Primary, grades K-2: Who Else Helps?

Junior/Senior, grades 3-6: Pollination Pointers

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Summer session

Brainstorm with students how they can help animals this summer. Possibilities include: walk a neighbor’s dog, remind people not to leave pets in hot cars, plant a garden, keep a birdbath full of clean water,  make a toad abode, groom a pet, hold a fundraiser for the local animal shelter, make pet treats for animals at the shelter, and put on a play and ask the audience to bring items to donate to the shelter.

In the Company of Dogs

With summer fast approaching, now is a good time to review dog bite safety tips with students. The HSUS teamed up with Chicago public school students to create the video In the Company of Dogs. Watch it below and share with students.

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