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Kind News Story: First-Grade = First-Rate

Indiana first-grade students donate $475 to help people and pets left homeless after Hurricane Sandy

Humane Heroes: Kind News, April/May 2013

Hurricane Sandy hit far away from Bremen, Indiana. But everyone at Bremen Elementary-Middle School was talking about it. They knew many people had lost their homes. Storm victims had to find a new place to live. Many could not take their pets with them.

First-graders in Bremen wanted to help. They learned that The Humane Society of the United States was setting up emergency shelters for pets. The pets would be cared for until their owners could return for them. The students decided to raise money to help pay for the pets’ care.

The kids made necklaces, plates, and other crafts. They helped their parents bake goodies. They sold the crafts and goodies during lunch period at school. Half the $950 earned was donated to The Humane Society of the United States. The rest was given to another group helping disaster victims.

"It was important because pets were lost and hungry," says first-grader Evan Goins. "We helped take care of them until their owners could be found or until they find a new home."

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