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Kind News Resource Room

Supplements to the April/May 2013 issue

Kind News, April/May 2013

Kind News April-May 2013 cover


In this issue of Kind News, we learn about the plight of wild horses, called mustangs, and how young people across the country are fighting to save them from slaughter.

Common Core Standards

After students read the feature story, explore the issue with them using the following activities, aligned with the Common Core Standards.

Primary (grades K-2): SL.K-2.1 - Participate in collaborative conversations. As a class, discuss the relationship we’ve had with horses in the past, how that has changed with the coming of the machine age, and what our relationship with horses is now. Declan Gregg summed it up well: "Horses have helped us build our country and economy. They have been by our sides as we built railroads and communities, plowed our fields, and helped us deliver the mail, news, and much-needed supplies. Horses have been there as our companions and for sport, and even when we have gone to war. Today, horses are still our trusted companions and continue to help us in special ways, like as therapy horses, helping children and adults through physical as well as mental disabilities. They teach us how to love and trust." What else can your students add?

Junior (grades 3-4): RL.3-4.3 and Senior (grades 5-6): RL.5.3 - Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events. After students have read "Saving Mustangs," explain that you are going to "interview" two mustangs. One of the horses used to be wild and free, was captured, and has been adopted into a loving home. The other was captured, sold at auction several times, and is now being held in a pen, unsure of his fate. Ask who, what, where, why, and how questions. Have students take turns speaking for each animal in a conversational style.

Supplemental worksheets

Test students on what they learned in this issue of Kind News.
Grades K-2: Which Is It?
Grades 3-6: Kind News Crossword

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