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Party Animals

Instead of birthday presents, kids ask for donations to help animals

Kind News magazine, June/July 2013

  • Sophia has a special place in her heart for farm animals. Kathy Milani/The HSUS

For most kids, birthdays are special. Family and friends come to your party; you play games, eat cake, and open a pile of presents. For Shira Zeiberg and Sophia Borio Lin, their birthdays aren’t much different—except when it comes to gifts. These girls celebrated their birthdays by celebrating animals.

“When my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I realized that I just didn’t want regular gifts. I have plenty of that already,” says 8-year-old Sophia, who lives in Maryland.

“I wanted something more special that would help animals.” Sophia’s party invitations asked friends to make a donation to The Humane Society of the United States instead of giving her a gift. “I picked HSUS because I … found out that HSUS works really hard to protect the rights of animals,” says Sophia.

  • Shira raised $1,550 to help animals! David Sokol/For The HSUS

Shira’s guests are familiar with the routine. This is the third birthday that the Connecticut 9-year-old has celebrated by helping animals. Even though her party was postponed by a blizzard, the rescheduled date was a great success. She collected $1,550 for animals!

When asked what animals she would like to see her donation help, Shira replies, “All kinds of animals, but mostly dogs and cats. I want puppy mills to stop."

Sophia also loves pets, “but in my head and heart I love farm animals so much,” she says. “It bothers me that [so many] farm animals are mistreated. I wish factory farms would go away forever.”

With the help of great kids like Shira and Sophia, The HSUS is one step closer to reaching those goals.

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