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The Comeback Cat

After being cared for at The Fund For Animals Wildlife Center in California, an orphaned bobcat is released back into the wild

Kind News magazine, June/July 2013

You may remember the tiny bobcat kittens we told you about last fall. The orphaned pair was found sick and very weak. They were spotted drinking from a backyard swimming pool. Despite the efforts of staff at The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center, the male kitten died. His spunky sister, however, was a fighter!

With tender loving care from center staff, the little girl slowly got stronger. “I honestly didn’t think she would recover the way that she did,” says center director Ali Crumpacker.

Eventually she was moved to an outdoor enclosure with seven other young bobcats. In the enclosure’s natural setting, the youngsters learned how to survive in the wild.

Five months after her rescue, center staff decided she was ready to care for herself. They brought her to a high desert canyon near where she was found. When they opened her carrier she bolted out—happy to be back in the wild where she belongs. Watch her dash back into the wild!

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