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Piling It On for Pets

Through her organization Blankets Fur Beasties, Ohio 12-year-old Harley Helman has collected thousands of pet supplies for animal shelters

Kind News magazine, Feb/Mar 2014

“It’s important for shelter animals to have blankets and other things," says Harley. "They will be more comfortable and maybe less scared.” Cherie Helman

Imagine a pile of more than 3,000 blankets, sheets, quilts, towels, pet toys, supplies, and pet food. It would probably fill your classroom—maybe even overflow out the door! That’s how many items Harley Helman’s organization, Blankets Fur Beasties, has collected for shelter animals.

Always an animal lover, eight-year-old Harley felt good when she and her family donated blankets to a local shelter. “It’s important for shelter animals to have blankets and other things. They will be more comfortable and maybe less scared.”

But Harley knew her family couldn’t provide blankets for all the animals in northeast Ohio who needed them. That’s when she decided to ask other people for donations—and Blankets Fur Beasties was born.

Fast forward

Four years later, her organization is still going strong. “Everything [we collect] is taken to area animal shelters and rescues to help make the animals’ shelter stay as comfortable as possible while they wait to be adopted into their forever home,” says Harley.

And to make their stay even more pleasant, Harley spends time each summer volunteering at her local shelter. “I always try to look for ways to help them, especially the abused, neglected or unwanted ones,” she says.

Pitch in

Harley hopes other kids will pitch in for pets too. If you would like to help shelter animals in your area, Harley has this advice: “It’s simple! Just go to [your local animal shelter’s] website. They usually have a wish list of things that they need.” Then start collecting!

Tell us how you've been helping animals!

Send photos and details, along with an email address and phone number, to kindnews@humanesociety.org or to Humane Heroes, c/o Kind News, The HSUS, 1255 23rd Street, NW, Suite 450, Washington, DC 20037. 

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