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Kind News Cover Contest Winners!

Meet the three students whose artwork is featured on the cover of this issue

Kind News magazine, April/May 2014

Last fall we invited readers to create a Kind News cover that shows an adopted pet being properly cared for in his or her new home. We received so many great entries that it was hard to choose winners! We narrowed it down to one cover from each grade level. Here they are.

Primary (Grades K-2): Holly Holyszko

  • Holly's picture, of a dog she hopes to have one day, is on the cover of this month's Primary edition.

  • Holly, a second-grader from Texas, gives her favorite dog Aubie a hug. Sam Negrete

Holly doesn’t have a pet of her own right now. But she sure knows how to care for one! She spends lots of time with her godparent’s dog, Aubie. Holly feeds, walks, and plays with Aubie. Holly’s mom says that when Holly walks Aubie you can tell he’s happy by the bounce in his steps.

Holly’s drawing is of a dog she hopes to have some day. She’ll name her Sophie. “Pets need food and tender loving care,” says Holly. “I’ll kiss her every day, feed her, and hug her!”


Junior (Grades 3-4): Natalia Torres

  • Natalia's artwork, starring her dog Dakota, appears on the cover of the Junior edition.

  • Natalia is a third-grader from California. Here she is with the real Dakota. Teresa Moretine

Natalia’s family adopted Dakota from a rescue group. The group discovered the puppy and her seven brothers and sisters at a swap meet where someone was trying to sell them. The rescue group took the dogs in and found homes for the puppies. Natalia’s family chose Dakota.

“[Dakota] makes me happy. I like playing in the yard with her,” says Natalia. “She likes to chase her super long tail. After she catches it, she still runs in circles! Dakota takes boxes from the recycling bin and runs around the yard with them. She’s a crazy, funny puppy!

“I feed her breakfast and dinner, says Natalia. “I take her for walks and I give her lots of love. My dog is part of the family.”


Senior (Grades 5-6): Keely Perry

  • Keely's portrait of her sister with foster dog Sophie is on the cover of the Senior edition. 

  • Keely, here with two of her family's pups, is a fifth-grader from Massachusetts. Renee Perry

Keely’s family has three dogs of their own, but they don’t stop there. They also open their hearts and home to foster dogs. Fostering means that they care for the pet in their own home until a new family can be found. Sophie was a foster dog who won the hearts of Keely and her family. Keely tells us that when the girls are playing, Sophie loves to get in the middle and give a few face-licking kisses!

Keely’s mom helps out at New England All-Breed Rescue and the young animal-lover wants to volunteer there when she gets older. Keely’s other dream is to become an artist. She’s made a great start on both!

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