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Seal of Approval

Eight-year-old Brady Miller says no to gifts, yes to seals

Kind News magazine, Feb/Mar 2015

Photo: Diana Miller

It might be their adorable big round eyes that remind him of his pug Shula. Or maybe it's because he feels that it's just plain wrong. Whatever it is, Brady Miller from Natick, Massachusetts, is on a mission to save seals.

Halting the hunt  

Brady knows that each spring, the Canadian government allows fishermen to kill thousands of baby seals for their fur. "Seals shouldn't die [for their fur]," says Brady. So for the past two years, Brady has asked his birthday party guests to donate to The HSUS Protect Seals campaign instead of bringing him gifts.

In 2013 he raised $500 for the Protect Seals campaign. And for his 8th birthday in 2014, he increased that to $675!

"Now, I think my friends are going to start doing it too!" says Brady.

Brady thinks that if more people were aware of the hunt, they would help put an end to it. He hopes you'll join him in getting the word out.

Organizations like The HSUS have been fighting for many years to end the seal hunt. As a result, a number of countries have banned the trade (selling) of products from the hunts. Famous chefs and celebrities have spoken out against it. And thousands of people and restaurant owners have boycotted (stopped buying) Canadian seafood until the hunt ends. With all this support, ending the hunt forever is growing closer, but it's still planned for this year.

Your family can help save seals by taking the Canadian seafood boycott pledge.

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