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Moms Will Be Moms

Wild animal moms nest where they think best

Kind News magazine, Apr/May 2015

Photo by Marvin Dembinsky Photo Associates/Alamy

Many wild animals are having babies now. And like most moms, wild animal moms want to raise their babies in a safe, warm place. Some may decide that your chimney, attic, garage or under your porch is the perfect spot.

Waiting, watching and enjoying having them around until they're ready to leave is best. But if that isn't possible, there are ways to gently encourage mom to move her family elsewhere.

Close to the nesting area:

  • Turn up the tunes! Play a radio loudly.
  • Light the night! Keep bright lights lit all day and night.
  • Create an annoying odor! Place rags soaked in cider-vinegar nearby.

Most wild animals will have another nesting spot to go to. After you're sure mom has moved her entire family, "animal-proof" the spot to keep other animals from moving in.

TIP: Ask adults to contact a wildlife expert before trying to trap and relocate wild animals on their own. Wildlife babies may end up being left behind. Also, moving wildlife to an unfamiliar area can put them in danger of predators and they may not be able to find enough food.

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