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Full Speed Ahead for Animals

Jaecee Rae Carr is on the right track to help animals

Kind News magazine, February/March 2016

Jaecee Rae Carr collected pet food and supplies and donated it all to animal shelters.  Photo by Whitney Allen-Carr

Home garages usually have space for a car and may also store things like tools, bicycles and lawnmowers. But at Jaecee Rae Carr's home in Tennessee, it's not unusual for her parents' garage to be filled with blankets, towels and pet food.

It all began after a visit to her local animal shelter. Jaecee Rae wanted to help make the animals more comfortable while they wait to be adopted.

"I started asking friends, family and neighbors to donate blankets and towels for our local animal shelters," says Jaecee Rae. "I didn't expect people to give so much! We have collected 1,366 items and have donated all of them to 20 shelters in seven states."

Piling It On

Still, Jaecee Rae wanted to do more for the animals at shelters, so she organized a pet food drive. "Family, friends, teachers and people in my community donated 2,703 pounds of dog and cat food," says Jaecee Rae.

"Then in May 2015, my family and people in the community donated items for my Humane Yard Sale. I didn't realize so many people would come out and buy so many items to help animals. I also got to make delicious lemonade, cookies and brownies to sell. It was a lot of work, but totally worth it. We sold so much stuff and raised $1,000!"  

Jaecee Rae donated all the money from the yard sale to The Humane Society of the United States. "The HSUS does a lot to help animals all around the world. I know my donation will make a big impact in the lives of animals."

For all her work to help animals, as well as supporting the American Heart Association each year, Jaecee Rae won the Tennessee Governor's Volunteer Stars award. "I was the youngest person to receive the award and that made me so proud!"

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