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Nesting Neighbors

Sharing your world with wildlife

Kind News magazine, Apr/May 2016

  • It's baby bird season and mama birds are seeking a safe place to raise their family. Photo by Patty_C/iStockphoto

Bang! The screen door slams behind you as you head outside to enjoy the nice spring day. Suddenly a bird appears from nowhere, flying low over your head. She lands on a nearby tree branch and chirps loudly. It's as if she's scolding you for disturbing her!

You notice the basket of flowers hanging under the porch roof is swinging side to side. Is that where she came from, you wonder?

Grabbing a stool to get a closer look, you peek into the basket and then smile. The bird has made a nest in the basket, and there are four small eggs in it.

This mama bird has found a safe place to raise her family. The leaves and flowers hide the nest from predators. And the porch roof protects it from bad weather.

A few days later you hear peeping coming from the basket. The babies have arrived!  

What now?

It's best to hold off putting a lot of water on the plant for a while. Gently add a little water at a time around the nest. In a few short weeks the babies will leave the nest. Then you can clean it out and start watering again.

In the meantime, enjoy watching the new family from a distance. You helped your wild neighbors get a good start on life!

If having birds nest in hanging plants is a problem:

  • Hang streamers or wind chimes near hanging baskets.
  • Provide birdhouses or nesting boxes for them to nest in.

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