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OMG for Animals

Through their One More Generation organization, Olivia and Carter Ries are dedicated to helping endangered species and the environment

Kind News magazine, April/May 2016

One More Generation founders Olivia and Carter Ries spread the word about helping to save endangered species. Photo by One More Generation

Olivia Ries was seven years old when she and her eight-year-old brother Carter adopted a cheetah in South Africa.

"When my sister and I first learned back in 2009 that species like the cheetahs may be extinct in the wild by the time we have kids, it scared us. We knew we had to do something to help them," says Carter. "There are so many people (young and old alike) who just don't know what is happening to so many species, just like we didn't. Olivia and I want to make sure we reach as many people around the world as possible and help them to understand how dire [serious] the situation really is."

To do that, the kids started One More Generation (OMG), an organization with the motto: "Preserving endangered species for one more generation and beyond."

Fast Forward

Now, seven years later, Olivia and Carter have traveled all over the world spreading their message. They've given dozens of speeches at schools and colleges. They've been interviewed on national television, participated in marches and fundraisers and won awards for their work. Last fall, they were invited to Vietnam by the United States Embassy to participate in a program to save rhinos. All that they've accomplished for animals and the environment is much too long to list!

"Our number one message to everyone we meet is 'Remember, anyone can make a difference ... if we can, you can too,'" says Olivia. "We want all the Kind News readers to understand that what Carter and I are doing is not necessarily something special; it is something that we all should be doing. You can start small by simply adopting an animal. Do some research on the species you are interested in, and find a good organization offering adoptions. My brother and I take our birthday money and allowance money and adopt animals all the time."

Learn how you can adopt an animal at one of The Fund for Animals care centers, and visit Carter and Olivia's website at onemoregeneration.org.

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