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Humane Backyard

Tangled Tale

Kind News magazine, Feb/Mar 2017

  • This white ibis was found hanging from a tree, tangled in fishing line and other trash. Please dispose of trash responsibly. Photo: Elizabeth Morffiz/For The HSUS

Each year, countless animals are injured or killed by trash carelessly tossed on the ground or in the water. That includes thousands of birds and marine mammals who are injured by fish hooks and become tangled up in fishing line.

That's just what happened to this beautiful white ibis. He was found hanging from a tree, tangled in fishing line and other trash.

The bird was rescued and brought to the South Florida Wildlife Center. An examination showed that the bird became injured while trying to free himself from the fishing line. His injuries were treated and after 10 days recovered enough to move to an outdoor bird habitat. Once he was able to fly well, he was released back into the wild.

Trash hurts

This white ibis was lucky to be rescued. Sadly, that's not always the case. To keep that from happening to other animals, it's important to be responsible when throwing away fishing tackle and other trash. Many town and state docks have special containers to dispose of fishing line. If there aren't any available in your area, ask that they be installed!

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