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Buffalo Exchange Swaps Furs for Good Karma

The Humane Society of the United States

For scruple-stricken possessors of fur that should have been left on its original owner, there is a better solution than sending the garments to a landfill.

The Humane Society of the United States' Coats for Cubs program worked with Buffalo Exchange for a fourth year to collect used animal furs. We send these donated furs to wildlife rehabilitation centers, which use the coats as nesting material for orphaned and injured wildlife.

Buffalo Exchange accepts animal fur for this program in all of their stores between November 1 and April 22 (Earth Day).

Besides the environmental angle to repurposing unwanted fur garments, the collection period roughly coincides with the so-called fur season, adding a little poetic justice to the good deeds.

The Luxury of a Clean Conscience

Everyone involved gave Coats for Cubs a paws-up.

Fans of facts and figures as well as animals appreciated the Coats for Cubs mention in Ideal Bite, an online eco-living newsletter, this February.

According to their calculations, "If 10,000 NY Biters donate a full-length mink coat to an animal rehabilitation program instead of holding on to it or tossing it, we'll give animals the weight of 10 queen-size mattresses in cuddle material."

Baby animals certainly appreciate the donations. Besides acting as comforting bedding, the fur may let the orphans feel that they are with their mothers.

Visitors to Buffalo Exchange stores have reacted well to the Coats for Cubs collection, too. Buffalo Exchange shared an enthusiastic email they received from a self-described mother of two "clothes- and animal-loving teenage girls." The customer wrote, "We will most definitely be shopping at Buffalo Exchange from now on—keep up the good work!"

The baby animals helped by Coats for Cubs can't send email, but they'd thank Buffalo Exchange, too, if they could.

Time to shed your winter coat? You can send fur directly to us.



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