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Hawaii Food Products says "Pau" to Pig Transport

The Humane Society of the United States

by Inga Gibson, HSUS Hawaii State Director, and Susan Prolman, Director of HSI Campaigns

Pau (Hawaiian): finished, ended, terminated, completed, done

Thanks to hundreds of calls and letters from animal advocates, the Handle with Care coalition is happy to report that Hawaii Food Products has stated that  it will no longer import pigs from the mainland to Hawaii for slaughter, beginning this month.

Before this decision, thousands of live pigs were shipped every year from the mainland Midwest to Hawaii. These pigs were forced together in cramped conditions, first by truck, then by ship, on a more than week long journey to Oahu, Hawaii.

They endured exhaustion, thirst, hunger, extreme temperatures and often injury, only to be slaughtered and misleadingly sold to consumers under the "Island Produced", "Island Fresh" or "Made in Hawaii" labels.

Get Involved

Your action for animals led to this victory. Learn about other ways to advocate for farm animals with The HSUS' Factory Farm Campaign to help reduce the suffering of animals raised for food and Humane Society International's initiative to enact humane standards for the transport and handling of farm animals across the globe.  


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