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May 21, 2009

Portraits of End Dogfighting in Chicago

Photos capture the bond between pit bulls and people

  • Anthony and Nino. Saverio Truglia

  • A young boy and his dog in Chicago. Saverio Truglia

  • Calvin and Mickey. Saverio Truglia

  • Terrell and CeCe. Saverio Truglia

  • Mike and Blood. Saverio Truglia

  • .

    Marvin and Bruno. Saverio Truglia

  • Peanut and Tiger. Saverio Truglia

  • Sean Moore and Jigga. Saverio Truglia

These men and their pit bulls learn new skills together in free classes with End Dogfighting in Chicago. The training sessions reinforce the bond between dog and proud owner through agility exercises, helping them to find positive alternatives to dogfighting.

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