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California K-9 Officer Katie

The Humane Society of the United States

Warden Powell's K-9 Katie tracks down illegally killed game—and fish—for the California Dept. of Fish & Game.

My wife and I had been talking about adopting a puppy, and we chose a tiny female who we joked was no bigger than a baked potato when we brought her home.

Katie is a chocolate Labrador with a dark stripe down her back (my wife calls it her stubborn streak). The public often comments on her beauty. Katie takes the compliments in stride and just sits and waits to be petted.

She is a big hit with children and their parents, too.

From Tiny Pup to Top Dog

I was very interested when I learned our department was starting a K-9 program, and that companion dogs could be evaluated as potential candidates.

Katie easily passed both evaluations, and graduated from Fish and Game K-9 Academy #3 last summer. Katie did very well, earning the "Top Dog" award.

Katie just turned three years old and, although she is a small dog, she still surprises me with her enthusiasm and drive to learn.

She wears her own badge and accompanies me on a daily basis, patrolling Siskiyou County and parts of Shasta and Trinity Counties.

We are trained and certified in the detection of invasive mussels, abalone, trout, deer, bear, elk and firearms.

Katie not only is my working partner, she is a very beloved member of our family.

Warden J.T. Powell
California Department of Fish and Game
Siskiyou, Shasta and Trinity Counties

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