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Demetrius Ware's Rap Lyrics

Winner of student contest to end dogfighting

The Humane Society of the United States

Demetrius Ware, in seventh grade at Spencer Technology Academy in Chicago, entered the project competition that was the grand finale to The HSUS' humane education classes in Chicago this week. These lyrics won him first prize in the rap category.


It's something I smell I think it's spice
Cooking on hot water and ice
They going left 'cause man something just ain't right

They knocking heavy blows and biting
Just like they was dogfighting
He's just a defenseless animal
But he is gonna get to biting

Putting a brutal beating to your dog ain't saving
It's sacrificing it, it's a gift from God
So why you sacrificing it then

And all of this dogfighting I ain't liking it
So think of something else man
What you doin' just ain't a good plan

You're forcing your dog to fight
Is just taking away its life

Then stop, 'cause what you doin'
Just ain't a good play
You went left and not straight that's the wrong way

Was Michael Vick dogfighting for money
I don't see why 'cause he was rich anyway
Now he's taking a long line in prison while he's doin' his time
'Cause when you break the law you pay for what was your fault

Do you know right from wrong
Now that ya dog is gone
You can't tell it nothin' 'cause it has a mind of its own

The bad ain't necessary and it ain't good art
Dogfighting ain't necessary that's not y'all's character
So play y'all's part

Look at ya watch and see what time it is
Time to stop dogfighting

Enough of these conflicts and consequences
Ya ain't innocent so who you think you foolin'
Stop being the problem and be the solution.


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