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Dogs Cared for after Largest Dogfighting Raid in U.S. History

Former fighting dogs get a second chance

The Humane Society of the United States

  • Former fighting dogs are receiving love and attention for the first times in their lives. Chad Sisneros/The HSUS

The Humane Society of the United States is assisting with the daily care of the 407 dogs being held at an emergency shelter in Missouri. These dogs are being held as the primary evidence in the largest one-day series of federal dogfighting raids in U.S. history.

As federal law enforcement authorities are able to release the dogs, the Humane Society of Missouri as well as other key animal welfare organizations will provide expert evaluation of each dog to determine whether the dogs are suitable candidates for placement with rescue groups or permanent adoption.

The HSUS, BAD RAP, Best Friends Animal Society, Animal Farm Foundation and other animal protection organizations recently formed a working group to address the disposition of dogs seized from dogfighting operations.

The HSUS has a policy of recommending that all dogs seized from such operations be professionally evaluated to determine whether they are suitable candidates for adoption.

All groups involved will recommend that dogs deemed suitable for placement will be offered as appropriate for adoption or to approved rescue organizations. The final determination on the outcome for these dogs will be made by the court.

Dogfighting is a brutal endeavor, and it is crucial to emphasize that the misery inflicted on these innocent animals rests with the criminals involved in this enterprise. Every time a dogfighting operation is raided, the long cycle of suffering is broken.

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