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Celebrate Chickens in September

The Humane Society of the United States

The industry trade group National Chicken Council declares each September National Chicken Month in an attempt to increase chicken consumption.

But here at The HSUS, we think it's a pretty fitting time to celebrate these incredible birds instead.

Throughout the month, check back here for stories and tips for truly making September for the birds.

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Not So "Bird-Brained" after All

Chickens are much more intelligent than we've previously acknowledged. Did you know that chickens have more than 30 kinds of vocalizations and can use tools, solve problems, and even learn and teach communication?

They think about the future. They recognize and remember more than 100 other chickens. They even have separate alarm calls depending on how a predator is approaching.

Chickens Deserve Better

As it turns out, the only thing "bird-brained" about chickens is how factory farms abuse them. They comprise nearly all farm animals used in the United States, and since they have virtually no legal protection, they often endure abuses that would be criminal if the victims were dogs or cats.

For example, tiny, barren battery cages in egg factories prevent hens from walking or spreading their wings. They can barely move an inch for more than a year before being killed. And chickens raised for meat are bred to grow so fast, they can suffer painful health problems.

While chickens may be the most abused animals in all of agribusiness, fortunately, it's remarkably easy to help them.

What You Can Do

Celebrate chickens with us in September—learn more about where they're from, why they're so neat, and how we can take steps in our everyday lives to make theirs better.


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