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Cruelty and Neglect Exposed at Michael Foods

The Humane Society of the United States

Today, video footage from an undercover investigation into Michael Foods, a top U.S. egg supplier, revealed extreme cruelty to animals. The video, taken by animal protection organization Compassion Over Killing, depicts the following abuses:

  • Decomposing hens in cages with live hens
  • Sick and injured hens in cages with other hens
  • Living and dead hens stuck between cage wires
  • A worker ripping the head off a live bird
  • Piles of dead hens in the facilities
  • Dirty conditions throughout the operation

Michael Foods was also the subject of a 2006 HSUS undercover investigation that documented egregious animal cruelty at one of the company's factory egg farms in Wakefield, Neb., including:

  • Live hens confined in cages with dead birds
  • Hens caught in cage wires, unable to escape
  • Sick and injured hens
  • Hens dying from dehydration and starvation just inches away from food and water


Investigation conducted by Compassion Over Killing



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