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Facebook Thanksgiving Survey

Poll results and comments

Facebook Poll Results (400 responses)

1. Are you going turkey-free this Thanksgiving?
Yes 60% No 33% Maybe 7%

2. Have you ever served a tofurkey? (meaning a vegetarian substitute for turkey)
Yes 40% No 60%

3. Do you expect vegetarian guests at your Thanksgiving?
Yes 45% No 55%

Twitter/MySpace Poll Results (138 responses)

1. Yes 59% No 36% Maybe 5%

2. Yes 27% No 73%

3. Yes 49% No 51%

Sample comments:

(Responding to the question, "What will you eat this Thanksgiving?")

Lisa   Tofurkey, mashed potatoes and green beans! :-)

Brandy   Tofurky, pumpkin soup, stuffing, yams, cranberries, and of course pumpkin pie. And leftover tofurky and cranberry sandwiches until I can no longer move!

Chris   Still trying to figure that outl We are vegetarians but my Dad is not. I have never cooked meat in my oven and I hate to start now. Maybe Tofurky and Lasagne? Any ideas that a 90 year old meat eater would like?

Stacey   Smothered Seitan Medallions in Mixed Mushroom Gravy and all of the side dishes (minus any meat).

Travis   Looking forward to a vegan feast and plenty of beer. :)

Pam    Lots and lots of Tofurky (with vegan mashed potatoes, gravy and the works!) Yum yum!!

Keithley   Tofurkey! ...it tastes much better than the way I remember turkey tasting back when I used to eat meat.

Margo   Tofurky! :) I'm so excited for the a nice Thanksgiving meal with Tofurky, cranberries, sweet potatoes, pumpkin soup, and apple pie!

Dougie   Thinking about taking the NO TURKEY Pledge.

Darlene   ...we need all kinds of help in every faction. I am not vegan, and i will eat turkey for Thanksgiving but that certainly doesn't lessen all the time and dedication that I put into helping my feral and abandoned cats. Though I must admit that I am looking forward most to that thanksgiving stuffing and cranberry sauce!

Dojna   Vegan Thanksgiving at Chicago Diner! It's the best.

Michelle   Chicago Diner is fantastic! I am having a Celebration Roast and veggies and pumpkin pie.

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