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Sled Dogs Rescued

Nearly 100 huskies faced slow, certain death

The Humane Society of the United States

"That animals so sorely neglected can show such forgiveness is a powerful thing." Scotlund Haisley

The scene in Quebec was heartbreaking. The barren ground was already frozen, with frigid winter temperatures not far behind. Food and water were scarce to none.

And scattered throughout the forbidding property were nearly 100 huskies chained to dilapidated plywood structures, unable to move more than a few feet. To make matters worse, about 30 of the dogs were pregnant.

Unfit For Dogs

After the owner of the dogs was found unable to properly care for the animals, he surrendered them to local authorities. The Humane Society of the United States’ Animal Rescue team – along with its international partner Humane Society International and United Animal Nations and the Laurentides-Labelle SPCA – was called in for the rescue.

“As we came on the property and approached them, the miserable and emaciated animals tentatively wagged their tails, not quite sure what to think,” said Scotlund Haisley, senior director of Animal Rescue for The HSUS. “But then they began to bark with excitement and realized we were there to help. That animals so sorely neglected can show such forgiveness is a powerful thing.”

The operation was a success, and the dogs were transported to the emergency shelter an hour away—space donated by a local businessperson. Here, UAN volunteers and SPCA veterinarians are providing round-the-clock care and treatment. Once healthy, the dogs will be adopted out to loving homes in Canada and the United States.

With winter just around the corner, the timing of the rescue was critical. The extreme cold temperatures would have made it nearly impossible for the dogs -- including a number of puppies -- to survive.

Sadly, this situation is not unique. While these dogs are now safe in their warm, temporary enclosures – and soon on their way to homes of their own -- many animals across North America still face neglect and abuse. Thanks to your support, we are on the front lines to ensure dogs and other animals don't ever have to face such misery and despair.

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